Uneven Ground and Cliffs using the Triangle Method




Lets start with a box(a plainol' box).Next we're gonna add a square brush.Easy step1

Next pick your vertex manipulation tool from the left hand tool bar.Grab one of the

corners (in the top view)of the block and drag it to one of the closest corners.Then you can

hit ctrl+e to center it in your windows view. Makes this part easier. Now hit the copy, then paste buttons in your top tool bar.

Then hit ctrl+m to bring up rotation tool window and in the Z axis rotate it 180 degrees.And it should look like this.

Now center this (ctrl+e),then copy paste 4 times and move blocks around to look like this.

Now select vertex manipulation tool again and in the 3-d textured view,highlight one of the middle/top vertices.

And in one of the side or front views window drag that point(vertice) up to any point you want,

We'll just do a little up now.Then do this to all the inner parts of the blocks the same way you did the first one.Should end up like this.

and thats it. Now for some cliff work which is done just about the same way(except taller)

Lets start with this picture here.Now your gonna get vertex tool out and hightlight

one of the corners as you did with ground.Then drag it up to the height desired(or down)..........

can end up like this or any way up want it too.Just make sure to drag it straight up or you'll get an

invalid brush.You can add more rows to get more different styles and heights of cliffs.You can bring you ground up to the cliffs and get some cool

looking effects.Most of these end up with low r_speeds and easy on the compiler.

Hope this tutorial helps........ It's my first one........ 8 ^ D........