Making a Rotating Door

Making a rotating door isnt as hard as you might think, its just a question of doing a little bit more than your normal door.

Once you have you door in place, select the "origin" texture from the textures. Now this is going to be our pivot, in other words where the door is going to rotate. Best shown in pic form:

There it is, looking rather odd. we can see a block there with the origin texture on, you dont have to have it sticking out, I mean the width, it doesn't have to, as long as its in the door, where it wants to pivot, it'll be fine. The origin texture will go invisible in the game anyway.

Now hopefully you have your door set up like mine, now select both the door and the origin block!, right click, and tie to entity, choose func_door_rotating. now in the fx amount give it a value of 255, which means a visible object, choose your other options, such a sound etc, that's all you need to do really, the door doesn't need to be told which way to rotate as it has the origin brush in there showing it the way. Now go test your door and have a cup of coco.

You can download the room, hall, door and glass tutorial map pack here, it includes the .bsp files and the .rmf files N/A