Making Prefabs

What are prefabs? pre constructed objects. in other words, objects people have made. Valve made things like sofas so they didn't have to keep re-doing them every time they put one in there maps :P

Now there is some concern over prefabs, I mean, personally I think you can put what you want in a map, but I dont think people will be too pleased to see any more coke machines, although I luv um.

Prefabs come in the form of .ole files, and all you need to do is put a .ole file in the prefabs folder of Worldcraft. Now there is a large site where people submit there prefabs for you to get, however, id say 90% (yes that high) of these prefabs are faulty, most of them wont work, I mean they have brush errors, bad manipulations etc, people making them never bother to see if there prefab works, I know this sounds daft, but its true. Ive seen a table that was faulty, so beware. Anything like a turret is pretty much guaranteed not to work, it wont of been tested and simply wont work! its one of the worse sites I for Mappers on the net really, some prefabs are good, but when I say some, I mean like 50 out of a million. Its best to go by author, yak fighter for instance makes very good prefabs, if you get one of his you know its going to work. I dont want to totally put you off visiting, but as soon as you get a prefab, click on map > check for problems in Worldcraft and most of the time there's millions. you can fix them in some cases, but that makes the whole point of a prefab become stupid. its then not saving you time is it, you may as well do it yourself.

Adding a prefab to a map

All you need to do here is click on the categories grey box, (click on the menu that drops down) and you'll see items such as "useable objects "random objects" now click on say useable objects, then in the drop down box directly below click on that and there'll be all sorts of prefabs in there, such as big emergency light, if you click on that, a box will now appear saying insert prefab, so click it and a prefab will now be in your map. Its a simply as that, once its in, thetas it, change the texture as you want. If its all white, then that means you dont have the texture, so simply add your own, (best to select map, then check for problems, then you'll see the texture error, click on it, and select fix all, make sure you dont have the camera icon selected as it wont fix them, have the arrow selected) Now I will of added a texture, then you can add your own, just in case you miss a bit, this means you dont have any white bad texture at all on it.

Creating a prefab yourself

Always check your object is correct before making a prefab, then click on it, and from the Worldcraft menu, select tools and then go down to create prefab, give it a name and a place to go, and that's it, your prefab will appear at the bottom of the prefab section you put it in, i.e. if you put it in useable objects, it'll be at the bottom of that, and you can insert it as you would any other prefab

The Sites


be careful like I said, this site is a minefield of dodgey prefabs, and if one more person sends me that bloody vw camper van to fix im going to pull my toes off :P


Less selection, but more likely to work prefabs :P (better quality site in my opinion, although not as many prefabs)