Using the Multi_Manager

This entity is excellent. Lets say you want to have the player press a button and a door to open and the roof to cave in, What would you do if you wanted them at the same time? make 2 func_buttons and put them exactly over each over, so when the player presses use they both go off? well no, that doesn't work.....

What we need is a multi_manager, its quite simply, say you have 2 entities you want to go off, well in your func_button or trigger name target the name of a multi_manager, obviously give the multi_manager a name, (just open the properties up for it, then give it a name)

So say your multi_manager is called "haxor" then the func_button wants to have a target of "haxor".

Now in the multi_manager you need to click on "smart edit" then click on "add" a window will pop up, with "key" and "value" in, key is the name of the trigger you want to go off, and value is the delay in seconds before it goes off. see the pictures below

Firstly we click on smart edit, and the screen has changed like above.

Then after clicking on add, this window appears and you can enter details. remember, key is the name of the trigger you want to go off, and value is the delay in secs, so in this case ive put 0, as I dont want a delay.

Finally I clicked ok and there it is. You can put in I think a total of 16 triggers, which would be pretty crazy 16 things going off after you pressed one button.To add more things you just do the same as you do for "mydoor" add the name and the delay then press ok.

Also it doesn't have to be a func_button targeting the multi manager, it could be a trigger_once or a trigger_multiple, which are pretty much like func_buttons only they are triggered when the player or a monster runs over them.

Its pretty easy to do, but maybe ive explained it poorly or you want to see, so ive made a quick map to show you.

Download example (rmf & bsp) N/A


You can place the multi manager anywhere in the level as well, it doesnt need to be near the things you want to trigger.

If you wanted some items to only trigger once rather than being able to be triggered again, use a trigger_once instead of a func_button