Making A Room

Once you have familiarised yourself with all the tools, then you can begin your map making.

1. Click file new and then select a texture from the texture group on the right hand side of the screen

2. Select the block making tool on the left of the screen (the grey 3d square)

3. Now if you look at the map, you'll see 4 boxes with the grids on, top is a birds-eye view of your map, front is a total front view and side, well surprisingly its from the side.

4. Best to make things using the top view I think, so with the 3d grey box selected and your texture chosen make a rectangle in the top view, make it one square <across> and say 8 down. it doesn't matter how big the grid is for now worry about that later, now you have a wall.

5. Make another 3 walls, and then make a floor and a roof, so basically you have a block with an inside, click on camera > texture and you can view your room.

6. Click the white and silver bulb style icon from the left and select light and place this in your room, select properties and select a colour, yellow will give horrible shadows so use a faint white colour, - if you want normal everyday light that is, choose red if your making some sort of red light zone.

7. Now you have a room with a light, the black around it is the "void" so dont let there be any gaps into this, otherwise it wont compile, so remember to line up the walls nicely and have no gaps.

8. Pop in a info_player start and you can then test out your room once you have compilied it

Top down view of a simple room, the green square is the info_player_Start and the bit in the middle is a light with a light fitting.

Making a hall

To make a hall joining to another room, simply pull back a wall and make another wall at the other end so its as if the wall which was previously there has a gap in its middle, and go from there... simply stuff really.

(Top View of 2 rooms joined up, as before green square is the info player start. The pink sqaures are the light entities)

You can download the room, hall, door and glass tutorial map pack here, it includes the .bsp files and the .rmf file. N/A