Creating a side mound

You'll notice on some maps hilly areas, in certain places, the only map using it that I can currently think of is dust, and its barely noticeable, but its there. On say a map with sand, at the corners if you look and its all flat it looks a bit odd, however fill it up with a little sand and it looks great. Its hard to explain, basically I mean like this pic (fig1.0):

(Fig 1.0)

You see in the corner it rises up. Now it took me a while to figure out how to do this since then its been a great way of making my maps less flat.

Now first off I suggest you make a box shaped area to put your corner piece in, like in my pic there (fig1)

Now once you have that all ready made its time to start. First off you need to put a block in a corner, like in pic (fig1.1) below

Fig 1.1)

Its just an everyday block, now click the vertex tool and the dots as in the picture (fig1.2) will appear. Now just go into top view, and move a dot so it makes a triangle like in the picture below, when it says merge verticals, click yes:

(Fig 1.2)

Now select your object again and click the vertex tool again. It will turn into the pic below, however you can see ive clicked the red dot at the top left in the picture below (fig1.3) well I clicked on this by using the camera, yes the camera! click into the camera view and click only

(Fig 1.3)

Now move this point down in front view, move it down to the floor, straight down, dont go off to one side or anything, when it says merge verticals, click yes, If you've done it right it will now look like fig 1.4 below

(Fig 1.4)

Now we need to do exactly the same for the other side, you can just make out in the picture below (fig1.5) the top right dot has now been clicked in camera view. Move this dot exactly straight down, keep to the grid. and when it says merge verticals, click yes

(fig 1.5)

Now you will have a corner mound as in the picture below (fig1.6), ive found that varying these steps results in errors, i.e. if you make a wedge and turn rotate it rather than making the block at the start, it gives errors. if you click on the toolbar and click map, then click check for problems, it should pop up saying no errors found, unless you didn't pop in a info player start :P (which doesn't affect the mound in any way by the way :)

(fig 1.6)

Now it doesn't quite look like a mound at the moment, but you can resize it as you see fit, just select in top view and move as you would to make any object larger, and use the other views for the height as you would for any normally object, always keep to the grid. do not vertex it again as well, use normal resize methods.

Well there we go, the final mound in action there. Looks much better than a flat corner I think, looks great with sand, although I used some rather horrible textures from the halflife wad, so when you download the example it dont give wad errors. however one final thing, aligning textures on the mounds can prove tricky, it seems best to click the floor with the texture application, and click lift and select, then change the texture app to apply texture and values, then click on the mound, you can try click the mound on select and ticking either world or face box, but this doesn't always align, its better to use the other method. On rare occasions ive had textures impossible to line up, I know that sounds stupid but it sometimes happens.