Map Sizes in Worldcraft

Ive had a few mails concerning the size of maps in Worldcraft, (actually one mail :P)and what maps should look like. There no real wrong way involved, some people like to square there maps off, which means the overall map in top view etc is square, It seems to be the best way to map, keeps things neat and tidy. In earlier maps I did, I didn't use to square them off, theres not really any loss, but it keeping it square I think makes it easier to make your maps and sometimes means less lag.

As we can see above, this is a small basic map. its not been squared off, this is actually a map which I made in a day a long time ago. Now this isn't really the best way to do to, it may be a small map but could of been better if everything was squared off, although it doesn't make and difference to the actual playability of the map, im not sure if it would it would be say less laggy if it was all squared off, but generally i wouldnt make a map this way now. I hope you know what I mean by squared off, anyway you will soon.

There we go, this maps a pretty narrow overall, and we can see its squared off so to speak, well, its a rectangle to be precise :P making maps in this way is meant to be the right way to do it, as far as I know, and I always square off my maps nowadays, if I can. Sometimes you might not be able to, so dont get upset! :)

Above we have a big map, it cant get much larger, btw all these screenies have been taken with the top view as large as it will go.

I hope this has cleared some things up for people. It wasn't really an essential tutorial, but some people may just want to see the overall size of other maps before starting mapping to give them some idea of sizes.