Basically once you have done a bit of your map you should test it, not do the whole thing then try to compile, do it after major or even slight changes.

To compile a map theres a few ways of doing it:

batch files
wc compiler
washing machine

but dont use the wc compiler, its uses to much ram, so forget that option, dont even regard it as an option.

Batch files are pretty popular amongst people who think there "elite" but its pretty much the same as q2beaver and thats easier to use in my opinion.

once youve got q2beaver, and set it up, its pretty easy to direct the paths to wear youve put the tools. The tools you ask? well get zoners tools, dont use the qrad etc ones, as there for q.

Dont forget to select halflife from the beaver menu.

Now theres loads of options for compiling, basically to start with tick csg, bsp, visibility and radiosity boxes across the top, thats all you really need to get started, then click file and select your map file.

If you want to check somthing minor then untick the rad box, as that takes ages, theres no point in using all the compile tools to check minor things as it will take you a few years to make a map.

Some good features to use

-nowadtextures - tick this in csg and all your textures are save into the bsp rather than a wad

-sparse - put this in the radiosity additonal options and your compile should be a bit faster and still look as good. it uses less ram and the vis matrix is also calculated differant so it wont be as large

bounce 3 - the amount is how many times the light bounces of things, goes up to a max of 8, then itll crash

smooth 40-90 - the higher the rating, the more smooth the lighting will be, so if you have a curvy map choose a higher setting.

extra - tick this to reduce stair stepping on shadows, so they look mor real and less pixely.

That concludes the compiling information, please dont forget your hat and coat on departure, thank you

Check out the q2beaver guide here


*UPDATE* This is from me(slacky).... A good tool that I use is the batch compiler made by nem http://countermap.counter-strike.net/Nemesis/index.html that's his site so you can get the newest version and look thru his tutorials for using it.He also has a forum on the countermap site.

Make sure you use Zoner's Half_Life Tools(newest versions can be found here.)usually. hehe