The Texture Application Tool

So step 1-browse to texture you want,

step2-highlight the side of the brush you want then select texture from current texture dropdown box

step 3-apply texture,then 4- Fit texture to it.

Hint- If you have the Texture Application window open,You can easily apply textures to all sides of a brush by highlighting one side of the brush and right-clicking the other sides.If they are in a straight line(same axis)like a wall of a building,they should line up correctly.once you change axis you might have to align the texture again.(Using the X-scale & Y-scale,X-shift& Y-shift buttons)
Hint- You can highlight more than one face with the Texture Application Tool open by holding down the ctrl button and selecting faces in your 3d textured view.

Hide Mask will hide the red of the highligted texture so you can see it better while adjusting it on the brush.

Apply button will apply texture you have selected to the brush you have highlighted.

Browse button will take you to texture browsing window so you can select your texture.

Hint- There are a few options when the replace window comes up.Just read them carefully and choose. And depending on the texture picked to replace the old one they probally won't align right.You'll need to go over them and fix alignment of textures.



I seen alot of questions about aligning textures and rotating textures, so I decided to make a tutorial for it.

Texture Application Tool What is it?Where is it?What's it do? Here a picture of it and it's location.

If you hit (shift+a) it will bring it up too.It's a tool where you can manipulate textures by strecthing them,

rotating them or aligning them to the brush properly.There's also a fit button if you know the texture is going to take up the exact

space of the brush such as a crate.

Ok let's say your building a crate, you pick your texture ,make the brush then bring up the texture application window(shift+a)

Then highlight the side of the brush you want to align the texture on by just clicking on it in the 3d textured window.

and press the "FIT" button. Easy right.Do this step to each side of the crate or if you want a different texture on the other sides of the crate

just hit the "Browse" button and browse for a differnt texture,then highlight that side of the crate and apply it then fit it on there.

Lets go over what most of the buttons do.From the top,X-scale & Y-scale buttons will enlarge/shrink(stretch or shrink) the texture on the brush.

The best way to figure these out is to play with them.Highlight a side of a brush (Texture Application Tool open) and play with the arrow keys next

to the Scale buttons. The X-shift & Y-shift will slide the texture on the brush from side to side or top to bottom.Play with these to see what they do.

Sometimes you'll apply a texture with writing on it and it will come up backwards.This is where you will use these tools.

<- Before and After->See how the X-scale is in the negative side now.Sometimes needs more

adjustment using the shift buttons too.

Rotation tool is next.Highlight your texture and you can rotate the texture on the brush.This is good for railings that go down steps or something like that.

same texture rotated 90 degrees and 180 degrees.This part of the tool is pretty basic to use.

The rest of the Justify buttons.... Let's say you rotated the texture on the brush, these buttons will align the texture to the left,right,top,bottom or center

part of the brush. I found good use for these while making roads in my halflife rally map.

but overall not used that much. The Treat as one button is used when you have multiple faces highlighted and want the same texture

covering all faces of the brushes.

<-Before & After->

The align buttons will align textures as they are located in your WC(VHE) world or to the face of the brush you created.

Best if left on World.

Texture Group is a list of all the wads you have opened in WC(VHE).Scroll thru wads you want to look at.

Current Texture is the texture you have selected and is showing in the window.

The Replace button Is used for replacing a texture with another one.Let's say you have multiple brushes and you want to

replace the texture on them. Instead of doing each one manually you can select replace and another window pops up where you can select the texture

you want replaced (Highlight it in the 3d textured view) and then browse to your texture window and pick your new texture and hit ok.

As for the mode button at the bottom I always have it on "Lift and Select" So if you want to play around with it. So I hope this explains most of

the uses for the Texture Application Tool. 8^D