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The tutorials below are aimed at people wanting to get into mapping and typically anyone looking for tutorials. The tutorials have all be written by me, EyeRoniK and hopefully in a user friendly way and can help you along with your mapping. Ive tried to catogorise things merely so you can find things more easy.

I have written a couple now and have added them to Eyeronik's list.(Slackiller)

Getting Started / Set up
Setting up Worldcraft
Making a Room and Hall
Making a Ladder
Making Glass
Making a Normal Door (slide)
Forge Game Data Files (fgd)
Overall map sizes
Adding the sky
WC Shortcut Keys
Mapping Console Commands
Using q2 Beaver to compile
Mapping Tips
r_speed info and how to reduce them


Making a Rotating Door
Blocking Areas
Lighting Effects
Scaling and Sizes
Applying Textures
All about Prefabs
One-Way Glass
Texture Application Tool
Unevenground and cliffs using triangle method

Advanced Mapping
Making a Vehicle
Making Textures and Wads
Clipping tool
Using the Vertex Tool
Compiling your map into a bsp
Adding Models to ahl/hl dm maps
Adding Models into Counter-Strike(and clipping them)
Creating Atmosphere
Adding corner mounds
Triggering and Playing Sounds
Making Quality Arches
Counter-Strike Mapping
Reflective Flooring
Making Buttons
Triggering multiply things (multi_manager)

slackillers maps!