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Mapping help links for Half-Life, Counterstrike, Worldcraft, DoD, ect.


Official CS website with FAQ, forums and CS download.

Counter-Map also is a source for WC 3.3 editors, Zoner's tools, texture tools, compiling tools, sprite tools, and more. also tutorials, basic and advanced. Part of Counter-Map has Nemisis' Tools with his front-end Batch compiler to work with zoners compile tools, a terrain generator, a BSP veiwer and more.

Valve Editing Resource Collective - VERC - has all sorts of tutorials, as well as editors, files, resources. You can get the Valve Hammer Editor (same as WC 3.4 and later) there also.

Snark pit has tutorials, prgms, textures, reviews.

Half-life Workshop is old, 2001 dead website, but has some utilities and tutorials there.

Q Radiant map editor for HL maps, with a CS setup for Qradiant, tricky; and also tutorials & prefabs. website died in 2003, but stuff is still there.

Gamespy for the Quark map editor instead of WC, also tutorials, prefabs and other files.
the data HL/CS for quark and Reg-To-Rat Unit Converter .

Gracelessland has the TBCC front end for compiling, a RAD file editor and a text editor for map files.

ZHLT Compile GUI A front end compiler

Fallen Angel has a compiler front end for standard Zoner's tools.

MachIII has Sprite Make program, and a Sprview program - as does Wrench Software which also has a Sprview program. same names, confusing. But Wrench seems to have vanished, so your choices are down. You may also want the german program Sprite Mage to lock the z, x and y axis of a sprite.

Mapster is a program that links to other CPUs across the internet for faster compiling of large .map files. While an excellent project that worked fine, Mapster seems to have died from lack of participation.

FGD files for a few mods of HL: Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Deathmatch Classic, HL single player, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Ricochet, Spirit of Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic .

Script Spot has special CS and HL scripts - Game Level Builder 2.1 - to use with 3DSmax.

Botman's Tools has all kinds of handy prgms, many for Bots, but also BSP viewers and manipulators.


The Nuclear Box has Podbot, Akimbot & Parabot for HL & CS.
RealBot & AndroidBot are CS bots. You can also get Realbot here.
BSDbot for CS.
SturmBot is a DoD bot.
Rocket Crowbot has bots for NS.
Shrike Bot is the ToD bot. Vampire Slayer comes with built-in bots.


chUmbaLum soft has the freeware Milkshape program to make models with and tutorials how to.
LithUnwrap is a tool to work with Milkshape on models.
Psionics has milkshape modeling tutorials.

Polycount has models for all sorts of games, including HL & CS.
perimaps has several car & environment models.
Ken's model pack for CS has a variety.
Mobiltune's models has a trailer and a few more models. geocities limited bandwidth.

CS player models
GABOR had some great special female terrorist and female hostages for CS & some DoD models - but I can't find them anywhere on the web since Fusion went down.
CS-Skinshack has more models for CS, especially weapons/equip.
Games fusion has some CS sprites, and weapon models....and a bad reputation. Check everything.
Counterstrike Skins has many more skins/model links, but many are old and dead.

DoD models
File planet has DoD models & skins.

NS player models
NS skins has various custom NS models.(seems dead) try unknown worlds has custom NS skins.(seems dead) see above

VS models
Vampire Slayer Warehouse is the only place I know of for custom VS models.

Prefabs prefabs has all sorts of prefabs for the lazy mapper.
Half-Life Prefab Lab has lots of prefabs, but is in archive mod, not adding anything.
Crinity has prefabs, maps, some skys and textures. archive mode from 2001.
FaN's page of prefabs has some cars and a boat.(seems dead)
Prefabland has lots of prefabs.(seems dead)
Half-Life Dept. of Engineering has tutorials, prefabs and they will test your map for you to find out how it can be improved!

DoD Prefabs
Prefabs Cache is a DoD prefab resource.


Half-life deathmatch map reveiws - see which are the best! then make yours.
CS - is a UK (& us site)site with reveiws, maps, wads, forums, files.
ZeroPing does some map reviews. (seems dead)

Mapping tutorials - general HL, mainly for Worldcraft/Hammer editors

Karls Jone's great Links and tutorials page.
69th Vlatitude - great tutorials on all sorts of entities.
The VERC Mapping Collective has all sorts of tutorials and info, but it may take a bit of searching. Its older base of the Half-Life Editing Resource Center - ERC - is pretty much gone, but it still has the WC/Hammer setup guide. The old ERC is moving step by step into the VERC.(outdated) try this instead
Mapping at egir has a great tutorial on how to setup for CS 1.6/STEAM mapping, among other tutorials on HINT, CLIP and more.
Mobiltune also has some tutorials on how to setup for STEAM mapping, and more tutorials and advice.
Wavelength has some excellent beginner tutorials.
Chaincraft has some files.
snark pit - tutorials and more. Popular, often exceeds bandwidth allowed, hard to get on.
Eyeronik's & slackiller's tutorials - begining, medium, & advanced tutorials.
[DNv]Cross mapping and texturing has tutorials and info on many topics.(gone)
BenTheKuno has some good beginning tutorials.
RUST has tutorials, interviews, prefabs, files and more.
EditHalfLife has some good tutorials.
Planet Half-life has a lot of HL tutorials.
Laco's tutorials (gone) a mirror for it
JCHQ - tutorials, compiling errors, textures, maps (gone bye bye)
Todesangst Map Techinques has a few mapping and camera tutorials. (gone)
Department of Engineering - some HL tutorials, more at less formated form.
mappers kingdom has tutorials, maps, articles and a knowledge database.
Half-Life Workshop - some HL tutorials.
Jinx's maps & tutorials - some HL tutorials.
Cagey on Clip hulls (gone)
machinima tutorials - on a wide variety of games/mods & programs.
HLTV :Ownage on tape - tutorials on makeing a HLTV overview. Counter Server has general HL commands and Cvars. How to create a pond. can also be used to make craters.

Mapping tutorials - Counterstrike specific
Official Counter-Strike website mapping info for AS, DE, and CS mapping. ES has officially been dropped, although you can still make custom maps for it for non Linux servers.
Counter map tutorials has a some CS specific tutorials like: bombs, CS vehicles and others; along with lots of general HL mapping tutorials.
Eyeronik's & slackiller's tutorial on CS mapping.

Mapping tutorials - Day of Defeat specific
Mardy Mouse on DoD special mapping sequences, like moving spawns, map objectives, sandbags, ect.
DoD mapping project has tutorials on flags & objectives, moving spawns, masters, models, req entitys, class limits and more. (seems dead) try this
How to make a Crater tutorial. has several tutorials, including overviews, craters and rubble.
the maphouse has tuorials on craters, sandbags, relisitic terrain, newbie mapping, texture making and more. (seems dead)
DoD editing center has models, SOUNDS, sprites, and more. These guys are also experts at making DoD/HL movies!
Nordenx has textures, and links to tools, including a DoD fgd and how to set up for DoD editing. (gone)
Invasion Works has H&K's model pack, and a DoD texture wad pack.
Official DoD website mapping forum has a lot of Faqs and mini tutorials.
Military sounds has a lot of sounds that can be converted into HL format and used on DoD maps.
Spirit of HL mod has help with many of the entity properties of DoD code, since much of that code source came from SoHL mod!

Mapping tutorials - Natural Selection specific
Chrome Angel's NS mapping guide (seems gone)
Selective Design has several tutorials.(bye bye)
The Official Site, especially the mapping forum with it's FAQs and the new mapping guide.
The NS Particle system guide is a help for that complex topic.
Ready Room Links will send you to more NS websites.

Mapping tutorials - Ricochet specific
Mappers Kingdom has some general mapping tutorials for HL, and the only Ricochet tutorial I know of. (seems dead)

Mapping tutorials - Tour of Duty specific
Tour of Duty offical website is still the best and only site I know of so far. Tutorials, FGD, forums, and the mod itself.

Mapping - Vampire Slayer specific
Vampire Slayer official website is the only one with any VS map info that I know of.


Terragen image rendering prgm to make your own cs sky/background.
Primordial Soup has some sample skys and reveiws of drawing prgms.
The Wadfather has skys, in additon to textures/wads, sprites and spraypaint logos.
Texture Forest also has all sorts of textures and some tutorials on texturing.
The Texture Studio has many textures.
3D Cafe's free textures pics are nice, as are the various graphix tutorials.
Relic25 has some nice textures. (moved or dead)
GoodApprentice has some WADs, maps. (dead)
BeerSpray can MAKE a spray decal from YOUR picture, fast.(dead)
The NS mapping forum thread on all NS textures has all sorts of textures for NS maps only!

textures - CS

Blazeer textures and tips has some pretty CS textures, and tips on mapping.
DaddyCool's page has textures, tutorials, & prefabs.

textures - DoD - most are down or have recently moved, as DoD Retail came out....
start goggling for wads
ZillaFinal.wad & more, & Kami-Platinum.wad & Propaganda Posters, & Xerent.wad, & DoD_raate textures, & Classic kleineh wad, & Overlord wad, & Invasionworks H&K Rubble Wad for DOD & Nordenex wads, & Mardy Mouse british and French posters, &
Kami's texture making tutorials


Countermap forums for Counterstrike mapping.(dead) (csm2 or editlife)
Offical CS forums for all sorts of CS stuff.
Valve ERC forums for HL mapping.
69th Vlatitude forums for HL mapping
Rust forums for all kinds of mapping & prefabs.
NS official forums
DoD official forums
Polycount forums about modeling.
Nuclear Box Bot Forums about Bots.

#1 MAPPING NEWSGROUP: [for half life and mods]

OTHER NEWSGROUPS ALSO USEFUL [Once in a while]: has many helpful folks. has some helpful folks. also has some helpful folks.
alt.binaries.half-life once in while posts a useful prgm, but is infested with trolls. for quake mappers.

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