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Counter Strike

Counter-Strike: Source Toplist

Mapping Links

A CS maps site with reviews,tutorials,forums,servers.(irc #csmaps)

Home of HL2 & CS:S custom FGD file, also top notch Tutorials (irc #editlife )

best CS mapping help forums around.Site is down, tutorials still there (irc #countermap)
extensive list of mapping sites,tutorials,mapping errors (aka. Blazeeer) A great mapper and even better Texture Artist.
Handy Vandal Site (Mapping Tutorials)
Links for CS sites
A great Texture Artist,Visit his site. Textures and Tutorials.
TextureHub is a support site for mappers, gamers and mod teams in need of custom graphics for their projects

Modification Links
(irc #frontlineforce) FrontLine Force For the Source Engine
(irc #flandersfields) Flander's Fields a HL2 World War I mod
A HL2 World War II mod (irc #hamandjam)

Pirates,Vikings & Knights A fun mod (beta released)
A nice looking mod for HL2 engine
Every game,Every mod,one site,go figure(irc #moddb)
Outlaws Mod Visit their site and download a fun game (irc #outlawsmod)
Natural Selection Mod (irc #naturalselection )
HLRally racing mod(irc #hlrally) It's been released go get it.

A Half-Life2 hand 2 hand combat mod(irc #brawlmod)

Others Links

RTCW Mapping site.Everything you need to know about mapping for RTCW.
Mapwars,A mapping contest site (irc #contest)
Half-Life Source Your # 1 source for Half-Life news
Half-LIfe radio. Interviews for Half-Life related Mods (irc #radio)

A mapping review site..

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