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Sept. 09
Hey been awhile since I posted anything. There is a new mod trying to get started.If anyone remembers the old TOD mod.
from Half-Life 1, they are gonna remake it, It will be called Fall of Saigon. Visit the site , Help if you can.

I'm working still on maps for a couple of mods, also working o n a DOD:S map, a remake of my friends map (dod_belgium).

Hey been awhile since I updated I have been working on some maps. In fact In Flanders Fields has just released a media update
on their site. One of my maps can be seen in the screenshots. Stop by the site to see them and leave coments in the forums.
Feb 4th

I am releasing my de_vine2 map download it here. See some screenshots.

Nov 20th
Been awhile since updated, I have been working on a few maps. hopefully when SDK is updated i can do a complete compile
on my cs:s map and put it out. In the meantime Daddycool has given me access to his Tutorials.(photoshop and wally).
I have uploaded them to my site.
Sept 1st
Hipshot has made Some nice cliff_textures and Nice sky boxes, visit the thread I made in the forums for a download
and screenshots. Very Nice Stuff !!

July 15th
Making some maps for some mods, Uprising , The Somme Valley , not that I have had a whole bunch of time recently.
Hopefully in August I can really get going on mapping as much as I would like too.
Still working on de_vine2.

Made a CS:Source map for someone,it was an easy deathmap map,with some custom textures. Download is up.
Stop by and check it out. .res file included for servers and .nav file for bots
Here are some screenshots. dm_wtf1 ,dm_wtf2,dm_wtf3. Just a small map ported over from CS1.6.
Also still working on de_vine2. I'll post some newer screenshots soon.

March 29th
Got some early screenshots of new map.
image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4
these are very early with no lighting.

Feb 21st

New Host will is effect-web-media.
Anyhow I have been making some tutorials which can be found on and My Source TutorialsAlso check out Edit-Life a nice site for CS:S mapping & Half-Life 2 mapping.

Jan 24th
Been Working on a SommeValley Mod Map. Also been writing some tutorials for HL2 & CS:S Mapping.
I'll post them my site in awhile. Till then they are up on the CSM2 site. In the mapping tutorials section.
Just sign up to view them. Also loads of cs:s maps and hl2dm maps for the downloading.

OCT 31st
Commonbullet was nice enough to make me a .nav file for as_shelter.
So if you got condition zero and play with bots here you go... as_shelter.nav
I added a download link for de_vine_nav created by Ned KiLLy. Thanks to him you can play with bots
if you put the map in your condition zero folder. de_vine map

Oct 5th
Some new images from a map I'm working on. Should be released this month.
It will be an Assassanation style map. Stop in the forums and let me know what you
think of it. Click images for larger screens.

Sept 18th
Just released is the Sands-of-War Mod version 1.3. One of my maps is included in the mod. So show some support for all the hard work that goes into making these type mods and give it a download and tell your
friends. SANDS-OF-WAR Site and download links. Let themand me know what you think of it and post
in the forums. Thanks

June 12th
CMS site has just released cmspack2,it's an .exe file so it's EASY-TO-INSTALL SELF-FINDING SUPER INSTALLER!!!!! Download here and play Here--> (steam).
May 26th

Daddycool has put together a New wad with textures released from several artists over
at countermap site.
Download the wad from His site or Mine. The wad has organic textures in it.(water,rocks/cliffs,ground,snow)


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