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Click Image to D/L VHE(8-17)

Valve Hammer Editor 3.4
The main tool you need to
start mapping.

VERC Collective

Click Image to D/L vhe3.5 beta(8-17)

Valve Hammer Editor 3.5
The beta version of the new hammer.
The main additions are--
added model rendering in the 3D view
added pointfile viewing to the 3D view

More info found here

click Image to D/L HLMV(8-16)

Half-Life Model Viewer
Used to view models outside
Of game.Can also be used to
export and import textures.

Chumbalum Homepage

Click image to D/L (9-14-04)

Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer 1.3
added features... Wireframe overlay,View eye position,Polygon counter to the sub-models menu,sequence controls to Weapon Origin view,Sexy new icon! Proper installer/Uninstaller

Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer

Click Image to D/L spritemage(8-16)

Sprite Mage
Used to lock the z, x and y axis of a sprite.It's written in german so you'll have to figure it out.

No Homepage found

Click Image to D/L zoner's tools(8-17)

Zoner's Half-Life Tools
2.5.3 Custom Build 1.7

You need these tools to compile your map.Use these.
Newer versions: ZHLT 3.4 final or the 64 bit version
ZHLT 3.4 final 64

Info can be found here

Click Image to D/L spritexplorer212(8-16)

Sprite Explorer
Tool used to create,view sprites.
can also be used to
view/open .pak files.

Wrench Software

Click Image to D/L sprite fixer(8-16)

Sprite Fixer
This tool allows you to modify sprites behaviour,
as in you can lock it on its Z axis, so it only
rotates horizontally, or you can lock it

No Homepage found

Click Image to D/L sprite wizard(8-16)

Sprite Wizard
You can use this tool to
make your own sprites.
pretty easy to use.

Sprite Wizard Tutorials

Click Image to D/L sprite viewer(8-16)

Sprite Viewer
A tool used to view sprites

MachIII site.

Click Image to D/L revolver(8-17) Revolver
An application that allows you to draw a 2D profile, then revolve it around an axis and export the final shape to the Valve Hammer 3.x .MAP format. You can create donuts, spirals, spheres.
Click Image to D/L resgen(8-17)

This will make a list of all the
resources that your map uses.

Look here to see how to use it.

Click Image to D/L winbsp(6-12) Winbspc V1.4
This is used to convert a .bsp
file into a .map file. Useful for
opening maps to see how
certain things were done in a
level.Should not be used to decompile and steal someone's work.This is called stealing. Homepage
Click Image to D/L mapviewer(8-17)

Mapviewer v1.0.0
Designed for fast previewing of
.map files.Has several rendering
options. A useful tool.

Nem's Tools


Click Image to D/L seamer(8-17)

Auto-Seamer V 1.0.1
This tool takes an ordinary texture and provides you with three little algorithms to seam it.

Nem's Tools

Click Image to D/L darkulator (8-17)

Will allow you to adjust the light levels in the map.


Click Image to D/L tut_builder(8-17)

Tutorial Builder
Used to build and publish tutorials.

By James Denny

Click Image to D/L (2-24-05)

Nem's GCFScape v1.6.3 full
Need a file buried inside the Steam GCF files
Than this is the tool you need to extract them.

Nem's Tools

Click image to D/L (3-22_04)

Another map decompiler.....
Do not use this program to steal maps. This is used to see how entity work is done in a map.


Click Image to D/L (3-22-04)

Need to make a wad, use wally

Wally Homepage

Click image to download (2-24-05) BSP Viewer v1.5.6
A tool used to view .bsp
files.with or without textures
entity's and lighting,wireframe

Nem's Tools
Batch Compiler 3.1.2

Batch Compiler 3.1.2

Compile your levels using this instead of
Hammer. Less of a resource hog and you
are able to select many of the compiling options
just by clicking a box

Click here to download

Terrain Generator 305 Terrain Generator 3.05
Create beautiful terrain and then
import into Hammer

Nem's Tools
Crafty V 1.0.0 alpha13 Crafty v 1.0.0 alpha 13

Crafty is a 3D object, material, model and file browsing utility

Nem's Tools