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Counter Strike

I been making maps for a few years now.
I work with The Valve Hammer Editor 3.5
I also been making some maps for a few different mods besides CounterStrike.
Outlaws,Sands of War,Arctika,WaterWars.

I got into texture making a while ago,mainly cause I needed some textures for my map and couldn't find what i wanted on the internet.If you think you need some textures,you could ask and if I'm able I'll try to make them.

I also moderate the forums at Counter-Map & Counter Server Maps
So if you need some mapping help stop by those forums or even in my own
forum on this very site..... :) Click Here

If you just wanna play CS:S , I'm usually on the longisland server.

Contact Info:

If you need to contact me you can get me at or or ICQ 139090813 and if you go on Mirc I'm usually on gamesurge #countermap,#naturalselection,#mapcore,#csmaps just to name a few.

Link to my site:


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