Making a Rope/Cable


Making a Rope/Cable

Making A rope or cable in a map is pretty easy. First thing to do is build your map and figure where
these entities will look good. Add in your details such as ultilitiepoles or other electrical connectors.

Use these entities:
move_rope entity
keyframe_rope entity

Place a move_rope entity where you want the rope/cable to start from. Name it something ,
(example roper2),then in the Next KeyFrame parameter, put the name of the entity where the
rope/cable is going to(example roper2a). Now create that entity. keyframe_rope is the entity to be used.
Now name this keyframe_rope entity what you called it in the first entity (example roper2a).
More than 2 points just add more keyframe_rope entitys and name them and direct them to the next.

Then there are other settings you can add such as the width of the rope,how much slack it has
what type of material,breakable,etc.

Usually Width and Slack are the main adjustments made.
1 width looks good for a power line. The amount of slack is up to you.
(the 250 you see in my image is alot) (as you will see in the last image). 100 Slack is a good setting.

25 Slack is default setting and basically looks like a straight line.

Other things can be done with ropes , like shooting them and having them fall to the ground with sparks.