Hanging Entitys from a rope in CS:Source


Hanging entitys from a rope (workaround in cs:source)


The 6 entities you will need:

A. move_rope (name it perhaps rope)(place where you want rope to start from)
this where the rope starts from
B. keyframe_rope (name it perhaps rope_keyframe) (place it just inside the thing you are hangin)
this is where the rope ends
C. phys_lengthconstraint (put it in the same spot as keyframe_rope) then Select and drag the small white circle to the move_rope's position.(in the 2d view) this actually is the rope, the 2 above entitys are the for looks.
D. env_spark (name it perhaps sparky)(put it in the same spot as keyframe_rope)
E. func_physbox or prop_physics_override (for this example we'll use a physbox) (name it perhaps box)
the entity that moves
F. logic_measure_movement (put it off to the side of what ever you are making so you can find it easily)
this does all the work translating the inputs

the set up
A. Set move_rope's Next KeyFrame to rope_keyframe (keyframe_rope)
B. Set env_spark's Parent to box (func_physbox or prop_physics_override)
C. Set phys_lengthconstraint's entity 1 to box (func_physbox or prop_physics_override)
D. Set logic_measure_movement's Entity to Measure to sparky(env_spark) , Measure Reference to rope (move_rope),
Entity to Move to rope_keyframe(keyframe_rope) , and Movement Reference to rope (move_rope)

2d views(click pics for bigger images)

3d views (click pics for bigger images)

in game


Tutorial borrowed from HL2World/wiki.

Images added by me for visual help.