Using Displacement


Using the displacement feature

This tool is used mainly for creating terrain (such as mountains,hills and valleys)(it can be used for many
other things,such as pipes and arches, just be creative)

Make an area of your map and now you say you need a mountain or hill. This is a way to do it.
Place a brush covered in the nodraw texture on top of your ground brush
Then hit your Texture application tool (shift+a) and browse for a texture you want. Apply this texture
to the face/s you want to sculp.

A good thing about displacement brushes are the ability to sculp them the way you want
and the ability to apply alpha textures to them. browse for these texture types (keyword * blend)

Now hit the displacement tab in your texture application tool window and you will see
another window. This is where all the adjustments to the brush take place.

First thing to do is highlight a side/s of brush to sculp,then hit the create button. Here you can decide on
the powers 2,3,4 , pick from the list. power 2 is less triangles,power 3 gives you more,and power 4
even more. the more triangles the more detailed it can be.

Then click on the Paint Geometry button . You will see another window open.

Buttons seen above (Click Here For Details On Buttons)

Ok using paint geometry is simply pointing at displacement brush and left or right clicking the mouse
to move it up or down.You can also click and hold down mouse button and move your mouse for
moving brush more quickly.

Here you can select from many options ranging from
Raise/Lower or Raise To or Smooth options
Axis- Which axis the brush will move on when manipulated
X,Y,Z , Face Normal and Sub-Divide Normal

Changing the distance(units) the brush moves from one click of the mouse
is a good way for precise movement.
Spatial turns the little green globe on/off and you can change the radius of it with it's slider.

Enabling this option will force Hammer to automatically do a Sew command after every paint operation on the selected geometry. Note: enabling Autosew while a large number of displacement surfaces are selected can drastically affect performance.