Making a Camera Part 2


Making a Camera with a monitor

Let's make a camera and have it show on a monitor.

The entity's used are a Point_camera entity, info_camera_link entity, a func_monitor brush entity,
func_button brush entity.

First build your map and a place to build your monitor. Then place the point_camera
and info_camera_link entities around your map in the areas you want shown on monitor.

Point_camera entity in the properties window you will have to name it (example: cam2a), you can also change
the FOV(field of view) to different degrees. Under the Flags option check off the " Start Off "
box if you have multiple cameras around your map,except for the first camera in the rotation.

Info_camera_link entity in the properties window you will have to enter the name of the monitor
in the Entity Whose Material Uses_rt_cam parameter.(example: monitor).
Then in the camera name parameter enter the name of the camera (example: cam2a)

Next let's make some buttons to switch the monitor views. Func_buttons that is.
Make a button out of a brush, then hit the "To Entity" button and tie the brush to a func_button.
Then in the properties window of the func_button go to the Outputs Tab and click on the Add...
button at bottom, on My output named click the drop down menu and select OnPressed ,
Then the Targets entities named select your camera name Camera name.(Example: cam2a).
Then the Via this input select Set On And Turn Others Off.
Under the Flags tab you can select some other options like Use Activates and Don't Move.

Now you can build your monitor. Make another brush (the brush you want the view of the cameras on)
and hit the "To Entity" button and make it a func_monitor. In the properties window name it the
name of your monitor (Example: monitor)
Now highlight the brush and place a Dev_Monitor texture
on the face you want the picture on. Use the Texture Application Tool to do this.
Browse for texture name by typing key word in filter box. (Filter word: monitor).
As you can see below the dev_monitor textures look weird in Hammer, but show up properly in game.

If you have more than one camera, just make additional Point_camera, info_camera_link
and func_button entities. naming each set of camera entites different.

Some in game screenshots:

Another Image......... Another Image <--this image has a different dev_monitor texture on it.


As you can see from the screenshot of dev_monitor textures, there are different types of monitor
effects you can get.Apply the textures and compile the map to see the differences.

*On a side note , you can not see your self in the monitor view.