Making a Bomb Site in CS:Source


Making a Func_bomb_target

First create a spot on your map you want to be the bomb site. It's good to have 2 bomb sites on a map
to prevent CT's camping a single bomb site. It's also good to have more than one route into a bomb site
to prevent camping a single doorway. I prefer 3 (2 main routes, and a side route). Just make it hard to
camp but not to hard to protect (more than 3 routes might be to much) (might not though).Also do not
make the bomb sites too far apart where CT's can not reach 2nd area after bomb has been planted.

(The simple way)

Okay now you have your Bomb site all layed out now make a brush covered in the trigger texture,
now select the brush and hit the "To Entity" button. Make it a func_bomb_target entity.
(make sure the brush touches the ground and goes as high as you want the Terrorist to be able
too plant the bomb.(like on top of tables or crates)

Adding the Mark at the Bomb Site is also easy. Just click the decal or overlay tool
and then Browse thru textures and find the target decal (Filterword = target)
Then click in the 3d textured view and place it where the bomb site is.
(*Note: A decal can be placed on any World Brush, an Overlay can be placed on a World Brush
or an Entity (like displacement mapping areas)).Overlays can also be resized by grabbing the handles
and moving them around.

That is the simplest bomb site too make. Now Pt. 2

Pt. 2 Adding outputs to the bomb_target

(Adding stuff and blowing it up)

Now make a few things you want to blow up or make interact with the bomb explosion. Things like
crates, lights, fire, models, etc.

I made some crates(func_breakable) and env_fire entities. Some settings for the entities.
Func_breakable- Name it , set material for when it breaks , set flag for trigger only
Env_fire- Name it , set the duration and/or size of fire

Now back to the func_bomb_target. Go to the output flag and adjust the settings.
Click on add button at bottom, then let's add the func_breakable
My Output Named = BombExplode , Target entities named = Name of Entity , Via this Input = Break
Now hit the add button again and let's add some fire. env_fire
My Output Named = BombExplode , Target entities named = Name of Entity , Via this Input = Start Fire

You can also have it turn off/on lights
, change models skins(change a good light model into a busted up
light model) , kill entities , turn off/on sprites , make some things have a delay , etc.....

Don't get to close to the Bomb when it blows up....... :)