Creating a wad file from bmp or other image files

This is a total noob guide in baby steps to Creating a wad file from bmp files, it can get a bit simple in some areas.
You can also use the same steps for other supported image files, I recommend using bmp file types.

Select File > New in Wally.

Select Half-Life Package [wad3] (.wad) from the pull-down menu.

Now OK this window. (Note: the size is ghosted out and can not be changed, this option is for making textures and not for wads)

Now select File > Open and select your supported image file.

Now Right click on the texture image and select Copy.

Now Right click within the blank portion of the wad window and select Paste As New.

Now you will need to name your texture for the wad, in some cases you will need to type a special character to denote it's properties. If your texture is just a normal one, just give it a normal name. OK this window when you are finished.

Now your wad window should contain your texture like this.

Just repeat the steps above to add more textures to your wad until your are finished. You can also come back and add more at a later date, even if you have already started to use it to make a map.


Known problems:

"Texture comes out black when I copy and paste"
Try not to copy and paste from another program because this can happen, expecialy to transparent textures. Load the image into Wally first, even if this means saving it from a website.

Well, this is about as simple as I could make the tutorial, if you still get stuck or find a part confusing then just e-mail me.

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