Adding invisible elements to textures

This is a total noob guide in baby steps for Adding invisible elements to textures in PhotoShop.

First you need to load the image you want to make into a transparent texture. The texture now needs to be prepared.

The texture has been made into a layer, trimmed, reduced in size, had areas masked out and sharpened a little.
Just make sure that the parts you want to be transparent are transparent in PhotoShop, you will know this if you can see the grid in the background.

Once the texture is finished and transparent select Image > Mode > Indexed Colour from the menu.

Chose Local (selective) from Palette, 256 for colours and make sure transparency is turned on. Now ok this box.

Now go back to the top menu and select Image > Mode > Colour Table.

If the transparency was turned on then the last colour should have the grid inside it.

Click this last colour to bring up the colour picker and choose 255 for the blue (B) 0 for the red (R) and 0 for the green (G). Now ok this window and the colour table.

Now you have a texture ready for transparency to be used as a func_wall etc.


As long as the areas are transparent in PhotoShop first then the change to indexed colour should make the edges sharp for you, this will eliminate any blurry blue edges in-game.

You can also use any colour for the invisible bit, but everybody just uses a strong blue255 with 0green and 0red.
Simply making a texture with this blue included will not make it transparent.
As long as the colour you want to be transparent is the LAST colour in the colour pallet for the texture, it will work.

Also remember to name the texture correctly in Wally too. Place a { before the texture name.

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