DaddyCool's Texture Tutorials, few but helpful...

Noob tutorials for the Photoshop-shy
The easiest way to make tileable textures with PhotoShop7or above
Adding invisible elements to textures

How to use Wally to get your nice PS GFX into CS
Creating a wad file from bmp or other image files

Various Texture-Jive explained
Texture sizes and difference in quality
Index Colour Palette
How AlphaTest textures work best
What Additive Transparency looks like when used

If you would like to see a tutorial on something, then email me your suggestions.

*Download Programs from above:
Wally - Full freeware program
PhotoShop - Tryout version

-Tutorials from the Wally site
Tips for PhotoShop from Adobe

*Other Texture Tutorial Links:
(DC's pick of the best, some of the tutorial's original names have been changed for better explanation)

Read this tutorial before converting textures for inclusion in WADs
- Rule of thumb - tommy14 at slackiller

Half-Life engine specific:
- Indepth explanation of texture types and how to add animation and sound to textures - tommy14 at slackiller
- Texture types with bigger pics - Leperous at snarkpit
- Animated Textures in Half-Life - NOmad at TheWavelength forum

Techniques for Half-Life and most game engines:
- 100% Wally - basic quake looking textures - ApocX at twh.telefragged
- 100% Wally - basic concrete panel with a wood footer - ApocX at twh.telefragged
- 100% Wally - Creating a Metal Floor - ApocX at twh.telefragged
- 100% Wally - Texturing with wally - ApocX at twh.telefragged
- 100% Wally - Basics of Wally and transparency - Leperous at snarkpit
- CG texturing basics part 1 - shaithis at twh.telefragged
- CG texturing basics part 2 - shaithis at twh.telefragged
- Brushed Metal effects - Redlemons at Identity Crisis
- Basic metal and rust effects - Misery at twh.telefragged
- More rust effects - tenkei at telefragged
- Creating Chrome effects - Redlemons at Identity Crisis
- Metallic Tubes and Wires - phong
- Rivets & screws - eyeball-design
- Making chains - DeadDreamer
- Paint Chips - Redlemons at Identity Crisis
- Basic Wood effects using Filters - Krow at twh.telefragged
- Faces - Moose at Identity Crisis
- Cloth - Moose at Identity Crisis
- Cloth Wrinkles - Redlemons at Identity Crisis
- Blood Splatters - Redlemons at Identity Crisis
- Dripping Slime - phong
- Stone Texture - phong
- From photo to seamless texture - Martin at GFX Artist

Helpful GFX tutorials:
- Dirtying up title gfx - vinkka at twh.telefragged
- Eclipse making tutorial - genocidal at twh.telefragged
- Hard Plastic - per128 at twh.telefragged
- Jewels in Photoshop - ist at twh.telefragged
- iMac style ePlastic text - phong

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